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"DURE KOTHAO" is a quarterly magazine published fourth in a year & publishing house to create funds for all kind of charitable activities. It is a Fundraising initiative of KASBA NARENDRANATH SEVASHRAM (REG.NO-S/2L/23103). Dure Kothao is a greater & global community of traveling, photography, NGO activities. We are maintaining our Facebook community with 31,500+ member & captivating various kind of traveling photography around the world..the livelihood, landscapes, silhouette photographs of various places has been uploaded by many travelers at our facebook group wall. ‘Dure Kothao’ was created in August 2014 by Arindam Bhattacharya the chief founder of the organization. Already we have promoted various kind of trek, expedition & ecotourism around the world. The meaning of the name of this organization is ‘far away’ in English. We are doing several charitable activities for the society frequently.

It has been registered commercially as a booksellers & publishers for our quarterly magazine. We have submitted rni of our authentic publication & marketing under govt. of India act. for our magazine on 27th February 2017 & our rni ref. no is– 1310291..



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Dure Kothao is a greater & global community of traveling,photography, ngo activities.

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"Why Donate Dure Kothao"

Dure kothao community is doing charitable activity since 2014 november in several  remote places with the ignored people specially tribal kids,senior citizens,street  residents,mad beggars those who unable to earn & bring food for their own.every civilized people should do something for the downtrodden & less developed country man but in reality no body thinking for them.
We firmly believe- “They alone live who live for the others – SWAMI VIVEKANANDA”

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